Restoring the overall health and fitness

Our physical therapists provide therapeutic programs that help children reach motor milestones, restore function, improve strength and mobility, and limit/prevent permanent physical disabilities. We focus on the evaluation and treatment of children with physical health issues due to congenital conditions, disease, or injury.

Benefits of Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapy provides specialized healing for children and toddlers following an injury and can also help alleviate growing pains through orthopedic exercises.

Tone: Tone refers to the amount of tension in a muscle at rest. Normal tone is low enough to allow freedom of movement, yet high enough to resist the effects of gravity on movement and posture.

Posture: Body posture is determined by the position of body parts relative to each other and to the environment.

Reflexes: Reflexes are involuntary muscle responses to specific sensations, occurring instantly upon stimulation.

Balance: Balance is the ability to maintain equilibrium, or an individual’s ability to keep their center of gravity within their base of support (BOS).

Strength: Muscle strength is the ability of a muscle to generate force and contract in response to resistance.

Range of motion (ROM): ROM measures the movement around a specific joint or body part. Good joint flexibility is necessary for full ROM, which includes both the direction and distance of joint movement.

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